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Stupid-simple skincare for men.

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Our team of experts will evaluate your skin for free and find the perfect products for your skin type.

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Every product we stock has been independently reviewed by our on-staff dermatologist.

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Who We Are

We’re a small team of tech dorks, dermatologists, and estheticians who were fed up with the stuff most stores stock for men’s skin. And we decided we were going to do something about it. To that end, we’ve developed a process that can get every guy great skin without any of the effort. No product research, no trial-and-error, no wasted money. Just a two-minute skin quiz that gives our experts enough to personally select the three best products for you. 

Our nerds have pedigree (ex-Apple & Tesla), and our doctors and estheticians are among some of the most highly regarded in Austin. Every product we offer has been given a gold star by our experts for quality, efficacy, and sustainability. By removing the guesswork and only offering stuff we’ve certified safe to slather, we know we can put a better, more modern spin on how dudes care for their skin.