Not-So-Stupid Questions

Is It Hard?

No. It's the opposite of that. Our skincare quiz consists of three questions, two selfies, and one 24-hour wait while while our experts work out the right care plan for y0u.

How’s My Care Customized?

We have estheticians and dermatologists on staff to review the results of your quiz. From there, you’ll receive an email with their top three picks for your skin type.

How Can I Buy?

Right from the email with your recommendations, if you want. Otherwise, you can hit up our Stupid Store 24/7 to browse and buy whatever catches your eye within seconds.

Some Other Stuff You've Asked

What’s with that name?

Don’t worry. We’re not calling you stupid. And we’re also not idiots. The big-brand version of men’s skincare, though? That’s pretty stupid. Believe us when we say that changing the scent and slapping “for Men” on the label does not meet the definition of care.

Is it a subscription service?

Nope. Literally no one needs another one of those in their life. Here’s how it works: you take the skin quiz, we recommend three products, and you buy what you need when you need it.

    What happens if my skin changes?

    We get it. Skin changes. Age, weather, diet, stress - your skin is sensitive to all of those. Feel free to reach out by email or retake our skin quiz. We’ll find you the right products to compensate for any changes.