Loopeco comes full circle

Loopeco comes full circle

How did you end up in skin care?

I had worked in the cosmetics industry for several years prior to launching Loopeco. I had also studied natural medicine, nutrition and cosmetic formulation, so it was a no brainer that I ended up in skincare! 

When was the first time in your life you used a skin care product (beyond a parent applying sunscreen)?

I remember being around ten years old and helping myself to my mums anti-ageing serum. Needless to say, I felt very grown up. 

Are there any common habits or insights you’ve seen from men regarding personal care?

Having captured many insights through surveys and consumer Q&A sessions, a common theme for men would have to be simplicity. No fuss, simple skincare that performs. 

What’s the most important thing a man can do to improve or protect his skin?

Whilst a lot can be said for nutrition, hygiene (washing the face daily), one of the most important aspects of good skincare is to identify and understand your skinc type (sensitive, dry, oily, normal combination).The skin care products you choose should be dependent upon on your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin - use mild “fragrance free” products. 

Do you have a funny story about a man incorrectly using a skin care product or just being somewhat stupid, in general?

Growing up with three brothers, there are too many instances to count! One time, my youngest brother was getting ready for a first date and helped himself to what he thought was a moisturiser. Turns out he’d used my tanning lotion instead.

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