Building a Youth Corridor

Building a Youth Corridor

How did you end up in skin care?

Twenty-five years ago, I became obsessed with the idea that there had to be a better strategy than watching the horse leave the barn before closing the barn door. I was aware of the problem and the solutions available were surgical and aimed at correcting accumulated damage. When I began to question this approach I was struck by the absence of treatment options for early changes of aging in younger people. It made no sense. So, I developed a method to help anyone at any age prevent, maintain or correct visible signs of aging, using self-help, preventative skincare, and the right surgical treatments.

When was the first time in your life you used a skin care product (beyond a parent applying sunscreen)?

Sunscreen and Ultimate Antioxidant Boost Vitamin C Serum are non-negotiable for me.

Are there any common habits or insights you’ve seen from men regarding personal care?

It’s funny. Men want to maintain their youthful skin but many do not know how. They come into my office and tell me they are using their partner’s products. Men do not need extra exfoliation because most shave, so I set them up with our Ultimate Antioxidant Boost Vitamin C Serum, Ultimate Nourishing Creme and Soothe & Defend SPF30.

What’s the most important thing a man can do to improve or protect his skin?

Apply sunscreen daily.

Do you have a funny story about a man incorrectly using a skin care product or just being somewhat stupid, in general?

I am so glad you asked this question. One of my friends swears by using our Soothe & Defend SPF 30 as a shaving cream. He did it once by accident and never looked back. 


Photo Credit: Mario Sorrenti

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