Dr. Jeffy: Sound Advice

Dr. Jeffy: Sound Advice

How did you end up in skin care?

As a dermatologist, every day I get to experience the pleasure of helping my patients with their skin conditions and seeing first hand how improvements boost self confidence. Becoming involved in skin care allows me to help bring those positive changes to consumers on a larger scale; not just my patients. My mission is to help cut through the noise in skin care, focusing on the habits and products that will improve and maintain skin health.

When was the first time in your life you used a skin care product (beyond a parent applying sunscreen)?

The first skin care product I can remember using is Sea Breeze Astringent in my early teens which is going to really date me!

Are there any common habits or insights you’ve seen from men regarding personal care?

The skin care habits of men today are largely that of women 20+ years ago. Most men I see are protecting with sunscreen when they are outdoors for long periods only and maybe washing their face once a day with the cleanser they use on their body in shower. Personal care has largely been tied to beauty over health in the past sort of leaving men out of the conversation. But even as that has shifted, and more men are interested in improving and protecting their skin, most men are just totally overwhelmed about how to even start.

What’s the most important thing a man can do to improve or protect his skin?

Sunscreen every day! Rain or shine! Sunny or overcast! Winter or summer! Make it a daily habit.

Do you have a funny story about a man incorrectly using a skin care product or just being somewhat stupid, in general?

One is all I get? Well, I recently learned that my husband thought he should only wash his face in the shower. Like he thought there was something wrong washing it outside of a shower. And this man has a wife that is a dermatologist that he sees take care of her skin religiously every day. Really opened my eyes to not assume any habits with those new to skin care.

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